Ableton Live, Linux, and Wine

Well, a title doesn’t get much more concise then that I guess. For anyone ever interested in running ableton live in a linux platform of their choice via wine, it has been disheartening to say the least. Mainly due to a direct draw issue thats been around for a while. Well a couple days ago the issue was resolved with wine 1.1.3 and ableton is now very usable! I installed Ableton Live 6 on my laptop after getting wind of the possible fix, started the app and immediately noticed it was copying files to the library! Normally ableton dumps the dialog here, doesn’t copy anything, and presents you with an empty “this is an evaluation” blah blah blah empty dialog where i have to click an invisible button. Well long story short, its working and working very well.

There are a couple of issues ive noted thus far that i need to open bugs for or find bugs already opened for. One, when i arm a track for recording in live, it prompts me with an error message saying it can’t open such and such a file for writing. Also while working with a simple project of dragging in some songs and doing some loops everything went fine, with a more complex project of dragging in loops, samples, and other fun stuff and throwing in some midi sequences and effects and more fun stuff, well.. everything went great! and then i saved it, and then later i went to open it and it couldn’t find a file related to the project, but it was looking somewhere i wouldn’t normally expect ableton to look (i dont think..). If i recall correctly, im pretty sure ableton live records loops and junk into a folder of the name of the project, but instead it was looking for a file from my ~/Samples/Recorded/ folder. I dunno maybe thats right, but that folder is empty and the file its asking for i cannot slocate on my hard drive so i dunno ..

Once these quirky file issues go aside and i can save complex projects without any hitches, id probably give it a platinum status b/c it runs damn smooth.

Edit: Just to note, im using Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 and the repo’s from